Marietta Boat Club
      713 Allen St
      Marietta, Ohio 45750
  Nonprofit Private Club  

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  Commodore:  Tom Stella  
  Vice Commodore:  Leo Holcomb  
  Rear Commodore:  Christopher Jacobs  
  Purser:  Bob Kornmiller  
  Secretary:  Bill Peoples  

     The Marietta Boat Club is governed by a Code of Regulations.
      A written set of rules that each member abides by.

     Bill Hill (Chairman)
     Ron Goddard    
     Anthony Albright
     Jeff Weber 
     Bob First
     Billy Corbet
Steve Denton

     New Trustees take office on 3rd
     Tues of Dec

     Monthly Meetings are on the
     first Thursday of each month.

     Annual Meeting is on the first
     Thursday of December

     Work Parties are on Monday's
     and Saturdays.

     Work Credits are issued to each
     member who shows up and works.





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